Carolyn P. Hamilton, Circuit Clerk

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- Circuit Court Filings



Staff includes:  Carolyn Hamilton, Alanna Robertson, Shirley Stevenson, Beth Smith and Veronica Cole.

The Circuit Clerk serves as Clerk of Circuit Courts. The office  receives and

files lawsuits, indictments, motions and other related papers in all Civil and

Criminal cases filed.  The Clerk also issues subpoenas and keeps a record of

all judgments.


- Jury Administration


Juries for Circuit Court is administered by the Clerk's Office. The Clerk

issues summons, draws jurors, and qualifies juries. Registered voters are

eligible for jury service.  Visit our Court Page to learn more.


- Marriage Licenses (no appointment necessary)


To obtain a marriage license, both parties must apply in person at the

Circuit Clerk's office and complete the Marriage License application.  Proof

of age and proof of divorce (if within the last six months) is also required.

In person parental consent is needed if either applicant is under

twenty-one (21) years of age. The Marriage License fee is $21.00 in cash.

For full details and requirements, click here.


- Passports (no appointment necessary)


The Sunflower County Circuit Clerk’s office is a Passport Acceptance Agency. We execute passports Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 am -5:00pm. However, we do request that you are present no later than 4:30 pm so that enough time can be allowed for the issuance of the license. For full details and requirements, click here.


- Records Search


Sunflower County Circuit Clerk’s office does not have a web-based record search or online payment. Therefore all record searches will have to be presented via email, mail or in person. Each request should be in writing and describe in some specific detail what documents are sought in order to be located. If no specific information is given pertaining to the request, a research fee per item will be assessed.


Please contact our office to inquire about the fees for the record search you want to obtain. Fees vary based on document type. Request will be honored within 14 business days if information is available; however, the requestor will be notified in the event of a record(s) not being found. There will be no refund for the search fee. If record is located after you have tendered your search fee, you will be notified of any additional cost.


- Voter Registration


The primary goal of the clerk’s Voter Registration Department is to maintain accurate voter registration records for Sunflower County.  In keeping with this goal, our staff is responsible for processing new voter registration applications and registration change forms.  They also distribute and receive absentee ballots.   Visit our Elections Page or click on the link below to download a Voter Registration Application. Once completed and signed, please mail or deliver to our office.

Voter Registration Application New staff