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Marriage License Details

The Sunflower County Circuit Clerk’s office issues marriage license Monday – Friday between the hours of 8:00 am through 5:00 pm. However, we do request that you are present no later than 4:30pm so that enough time can be allowed for the issuance of the license.


Requirement for a Marriage License


 •Both parties will have to be present at the same time to apply for a marriage license.

 •A fee of $21.00

 •Both parties must be at least 21 years of age. If under 21 you will need your parents or legal guardian to be present with you at the

  time of application. Parents will need to have a photo ID. All parties will have to be present at the same time if a minor is making

  application for a marriage license.

 •Both parties will need to provide proof of age such as a birth certificate, drivers’ license or a state issued ID card.

 •If either or both parties are recently divorced (within 6 months of date of application), a divorce decree must be provided.


After the marriage license has been issued, the applicants must make arrangements with a license minister or other officials with authority to perform marriage ceremonies.



Certified Copy of Marriage License


Anyone can request a certified copy of marriage license.


Requirement for a certified copy of Marriage License


 •A fee of $17.00 for the first copy and $5.00 for an additional copy. Copies must be purchased at the same time to receive a second

  copy for $5.00. If the request is made for an additional copy after the customer has left and returned, the fee of $17.00 will be


 •If appearing in person, payment can be made by submitting cash, money order, certified check or personal check. Personal checks

  are only accepted on banks that are within the state of Mississippi.

 •Request made by mail will have to be accompanied with a money order, certified check or personal check (on a bank within the

  State of Mississippi).

 •The names of the applicant at the time they made application for marriage license.  If you have the book and page number please

   provide this information in your request, to expedite the process.

 •If requesting in person, certified copies of marriage license can be obtained at the time service is rendered.