Carolyn P. Hamilton, Circuit Clerk

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   Welcome to the Sunflower County Circuit Clerk’s official website. We are here to provide you with information helpful to your needs. Please take time and browse our website to become familiar with the services this office provides. Traditionally this office provides the following services with a warm heart and a beautiful smile.  

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Carolyn P. Hamilton

Circuit Clerk, Sunflower County

Sunflower County Courthouse Indianola MS state capitol

•Serve as Clerk of Circuit Court and Clerk of Record for all Criminal and Civil cases

•Serve as Appellate Court for Lower Courts

•Receive and File Civil Lawsuits, Indictments, Motions, and other court related matters in Circuit Court.

•Issue Summons & Subpoenas

•Responsible for Pulling and Qualifying Jurors

•Maintain Records of Judgments and Liens

•Issue Marriage License and Maintain Marriage Records

•Record Medical and Professional Licenses

•Register Citizens to Vote

•Assist Election Commissioners with Elections for National, State and County Elections.

•Execute Passports

•Record Search

•Notarize documents (courtesy)


Questions about the services, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


P.O. Box 880

Indianola, MS  38751

662-887-1252 office

662-887-7077 fax

[email protected] email


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