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The Election Officials (the Circuit Clerk and Election Commission) are tasked with voter registration,  voter roll maintenance, qualification of local candidates, appointment of poll managers, approval of ballots/testing of voting devices, conduct of elections, and certification of election results.  For Election Commissioner information, click here.


The following is a list of polling places and addresses for Sunflower County Elections. We are responsible for conducting National, State and County (Local) Election. Municipal Elections are conducted by Municipal Election Officials. You should contact your City Clerk to find out where you vote when you have a City Election. Normally City Elections occur every four years, and it is common for a different polling place to be utilized for Municipal Polling Place. Before you vote in an election and not sure where to vote contact the Circuit Clerk’s office and we will assist you.





Click on a link below to find more information about registering to vote, finding where you vote, election dates and volunteering to be a poll manager.

Find My Polling Place Current Elections Calendar Voter Registration Application
Current Election Results


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